Updated: May 5, 2020

Wisdom. Why ask for wisdom?

The simplest answer is that: wisdom can solve your problems and find answers to your questions.

When you grow in wisdom you are connecting even more to the Infinite Intelligence/Universe/Nature. This is the place that you are coming from as human being, also there you can find the answers and solutions to your problems.

Wisdom has a great flavor, once you tasted it, you want more and more. It will start a deep thirst for more knowledge and understanding of yourself and the world. You will feel so curios, that learning will become one of your major priorities. Learning about yourself, about others, about the world and so on.

Wisdom is already there, it's within yourself, but you have to learn to access it more and more. The great news is that the quantity of wisdom is UNLIMITED so you will never lose your excitement to accumulate more.

Wisdom will clear your vision about what life is and why you are here on this planet called Earth.

Wisdom will increase your love towards yourself and others. The wiser you become the more you will see that the more you know the more you realize you don't know, because of that, your curiosity about life will go through the roof.

Ask for wisdom every day, ask and shall be given.

Ask simply:


Thank you for reading.

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