Cosmin Farcau is an entrepreneur, mentor, and a life coach.

He is focused on helping other people to become successful, to achieve their goals in health, prosperity, love and happiness.


Cosmin learned his lessons the hard way. When he finished high school, he worked for several years in a car-wash for $150 per month, in winter, washing cars and trucks outside in -15C his clothes literally freezing on him. At the same time he had lots of destructive habits, low self-esteem and a bad depression.


He used to drink sometimes 10 beers or more a day, not sleeping for 24-48 hours whilst gambling, drinking and smoking. He used to smoke 20-40 cigarettes a day, take drugs, drink up to 10 coffees a day, eat badly and later he faced an immense overeating problem and a sugar addiction.

But he always felt that life should be better than what he was experiencing.


In his mid-twenties Cosmin left Romania with £600 and a 7 kg backpack filled with some socks and underwear, he arrived in England without speaking English, having a job or a secure place to live.

He got his first job in England 3 days after arriving, as a kitchen porter, learning English by reading new words on a piece of paper on the wall above the sink where he was washing the dishes.

A big switch happened in 2014 when he discovered and started to apply the lessons from the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. That was the key that turned his life around and he started learning about personal development, business, and applying successfully every suitable idea for growing in confidence, finances, health, spirituality and wisdom.


Since then Cosmin has quit drinking, smoking, gambling, drugs, sugar, overeating, coffee, excessive shopping, he started eating only plant based foods, read over 500 of books and has realized that self-education, with application, leads to greater happiness and success. 


Cosmin has invested tens of thousands of dollars in his personal development education, including live events with Tony Robbins, Roberts Kiyosaki, Tai Lopez, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gary Vaynerchuck, Bradley Sugar and he lived and travelled around the world.


Now he is influencing, mentoring & coaching people towards achieving their dreams.

Cosmin is based in Australia.


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